BEST Portable Bars



BEST is our philosophy, our mission. Designing the best portable bars is our passion.

BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada

We thrive on providing the best mobile bars for hotels, restaurants, bars and events, for indoor and outdoor use

The main material used in our bars is stainless steel for its elegance, rigidity, durability and resistance to rust 

Our integrated lighting systems use high luminosity, low energy consuming LED

We have the BEST portable bar for every event!



Bars you can roll from one location to another



High quality lockable wheels

Stainless steel frame and workspace





Bars you can carry anywhere and assemble in a minute



70% Space Saving

Gets in most cars and elevators, and through the narrowest stairs and doorways





Bars for which you can change the look at will



Wide selection of cover panels from metal, wood, acrylic and more

Change panels in a few minutes and get a completely different looking bar





Spectacular LED back lit bars



Durable, Reparable, Recyclable, Low Energy Consumption





Bars you can brand with your logo



3d logo cut in stainless steel






All The BEST Portable Bars

“An evolution of the best ideas,

Using only the best materials,

Made with passion and high quality standards,

Is how you get the BEST Portable Bars.

A bold name that says it all.”


BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada