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Making of BEST Portable Bars in stainless steel

Making of BEST Portable Bars in stainless steel

BEST Portable Bars, a division of Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc., was founded in 2014. Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc. started as a premium event bar service company called Avec Flair, back in 2006.

Avec Flair provided complete high-end bar solutions for premium events. Its need for portable, spectacular and yet highly functional bars inspired Avec Flair to create its own unique bars. Portable bars like the DELUX are the result of 8 years of design evolution and improvements. In 2014, Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc. sold its event services division in order to focus entirely on designing and fabricating the best portable bars in the world. To ensure the new division’s name reflected the same philosophy as its products, it was called BEST Portable Bars.

BEST Portable Bars are hand crafted with passion and high quality standards in Montreal, Qc, Canada. Only the best materials and components are used to manufacture the BEST portable bars.

Our mission is straight and simple: To design and manufacture the BEST portable bars, combining BEST quality and BEST designs.