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Making of BEST Portable Bars in stainless steel

Making of BEST Portable Bars in stainless steel

BEST Portable Bars, a division of Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc., was founded in 2014. Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc. started as a premium event bar service company, called Avec Flair, back in 2006.

Avec Flair provided complete high-end bar solutions for premium events. Unable to find elegant, spectacular and efficient portable bars to fulfill his needs, the company owner Francois Godbout was left with no other option than to make his own bars. His combined background as a Flair Bartender and an Engineer helped him design unique bars that would combine aesthetics, portability, durability and efficiency like no other bar on the market. The new bars were a success for the company’s activities and didn’t go unnoticed by Avec Flair‘s clients. Some of them were so impressed by the bars that they inquired about purchasing them, an unpredicted turn of events that gradually led Avec Flair to extend its activities to manufacturing and selling portable bars.

Portable bars like the DELUX, the LUMI and the VERSATI are the results of over 10 years of design evolution and improvements. Each model has been field tested on multiple events prior to being commercialized. In 2014, Avec Flair Bar Solutions Inc. sold its event services division in order to focus entirely on designing and making the best portable bars in the world. To ensure the new division’s name reflected the same philosophy as its products, it was called BEST Portable Bars.

BEST Portable Bars are manufactured with passion and high quality standards in Montreal, Qc, Canada. Only the best materials and components are used to manufacture BEST portable bars.

Our mission is ambitious, yet simple: To design and manufacture the BEST portable bars in the world.

BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada