Hotel Bar Furniture

Portable Bars for Hotels

Each hotel’s characteristics and requirements are different; this is why we offer unique portable bars to satisfy specific needs.

Hotel Banquets, Conventions, and Cocktail Receptions

Larger hotels usually have multiple indoor and outdoor spaces to host events such as banquets, weddings, business conventions, and corporate receptions. These hotels often need multiple bars that offer versatility. They have a lot of room, what they need is the mobility and simplicity to create custom setups for each event. VERSATI and LUMI are the best portable bars for hotels because they can easily be rolled from one room to another, and multiple units can be joined together when longer bars are required. VERSATI and LUMI can also be used as a bar backs or as counters for holding garnishes or other refreshments. They are both suitable for indoor and outdoor venues and are much more luxurious and eye-catching than the plain black or gray bars we sadly see way too often in hotels.

The VERSATI also provides the benefit of versatility. Hotels can now offer an unlimited selection of looks with a limited number of bars, thanks to a large selection of cover panels that can be changed quickly and easily. As a matter of fact, the LUMI is actually a VERSATI bar with White Acrylic Cover Panels and a LUMI Lighting Kit. Therefore hotels who like both bars don’t need to keep a good quantity of each bar, only VERSATI bars with LUMI accessories.

Smaller Luxury Hotels or Limited Storage Space

For nice luxury hotels that are smaller in size or have limited storage space, the best portable bar they could dream of is the DELUX Foldable Bar. The DELUX is made of stainless steel, which looks very elegant and luxurious while still able to be assembled and disassembled in a minute or less. The setup process is very easy, straight-forward, and hassle-free. It allows for up to 70% space saving – you can put three bars in the same storage area as one set-up bar. Because of its compact size, the DELUX can be carried through narrow hallways and door frames to be setup in places where no other bar could possibly go. It is available with a spectacular and stunning holographic LED lighting system, integrated sink or ice bin, and many other options.

Hotel Suites Upgrade

Do your presidential suites have a built-in bar? Did you know that some hotels have decided to offer the DELUX portable bar as an additional upgrade in their suites? The DELUX adds a classy touch to any hotel suite and can be added permanently to upgrade the suite or be offered as a paid extra when guests want it. This small addition makes a world of difference in customers’ perceived value in elegant, high-end suites.

Stand Up Reception Desks

Interior Designers looking for stand up reception desks to match their vision will love the VERSATI with its large selection of cover panels including woods, metals and other special panels. Just order the bar without ice bin and speed rails and you get a spectacular stand up reception desk.


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BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada