Portable Bars for Rental Companies

What portable bars are ideal for a rental company?

The DELUX, the VERSATI and the LUMI portable bars are all ideal for furniture and event rental companies. Having a mix of both bars in your inventory will ensure that you will be able to answer the needs any client might have and deal with all possible constraints a location might have. Don’t settle for the cheapest possible bar. BEST brand portable bars don’t just look great; they’re made great. We manufacture our very durable bars using only high-quality components and materials. Plus you can easily order and replace damaged or used parts to maintain a brand new looking bar for years. A few extra dollars invested that will save you a lot in the long run.

The VERSATI also provides the benefit of versatility, which is huge for event furniture rental companies. You can now offer an unlimited selection of looks with a limited fleet of mobile bars. All you have to do is keep a selection of cover panels and ‘dress up’ you bars before delivering them to your customers. As a matter of fact, the LUMI is actually a VERSATI bar with White Acrylic Cover Panels and a LUMI Lighting Kit. So you don’t need to keep a good quantity of each bar, you only need VERSATI bars with LUMI accessories.


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BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada