Commercial Portable Bars

BEST brand manufactured high-end commercial portable bars for hotels, restaurants, bars, rental companies, and event professionals. Our mobile bars can serve large banquets as well as small events, both indoor and outdoor. The VERSATI and LUMI series of portable bars on wheels are ideal for hotels with large hallways and banquet rooms, while the DELUX foldable bar is perfect for event professionals and smaller spaces.

Commercial Application Examples and Solutions

There’s an ideal portable bar for each commercial application. Here are some product recommendations based on the type of business and environment:



Each hotel’s characteristics and requirements are different; this is why we offer unique portable bars to satisfy specific needs.
Recommended Products

Outdoor Patio

Any restaurant, bar, or hotel that has an outdoor patio, terrace, or even swimming pool area will need temporary bars at least once in a while.
Recommended Products

Rental Companies

Having a mix of bars will ensure that you will be able to answer the needs any client might have and deal with all possible constraints a location might have.
Recommended Products

Mobile Bar Service Companies

For mobile bar companies, caterers, and professional event bartenders who provide high-end services, portability and class are both very important.
Recommended Products

Trade Show Booth

Enhance your trade show booth with back lit counter displays and classy stainless steel portable bars. Catch people’s attention and create a good first impression.
Recommended Products


BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada