DELUX Foldable Bar


DELUX is the ultimate portable bar, ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, event professionals and luxury homes. The DELUX portable bar is a perfect blend of spectacular, elegant, mobile and functional without compromise. Entirely made of food grade stainless steel.

  • Guaranteed wow factor
  • 1 minute setup
  • 70% space saving in storage mode
  • Spectacular 3d holographic lighting effect
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Rust resistant
  • Join multiple bars to create a long continuous bar
  • Green product: recyclable and low energy consumption
  • Engineered for work efficiency and comfort
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Protection pouches included


3d holographic lighting demo on branded DELUX with fast color transitions

Promotional Flyer

Spec Sheets


Lead time for one bar: less than 2 weeks.

Lead time for multiple bars: 3-4 weeks.



DELUX is the ultimate portable bar, ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, event professionals and luxury homes. The DELUX portable bar is a perfect blend of spectacular, elegant, mobile and functional, without compromise.

Entirely made out of stainless steel to provide great durability and a luxurious, modern and polished look. The DELUX portable bar is very easy to assemble, move and store, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

DELUX portable bars are unique and handcrafted with high standards of quality and perfection.


How to setup the DELUX




  • Easy 1 minute setup, no tools required
  • 70% space saving in storage/transportation mode
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Working surfaces (shelves and top), front and side panels made of food grade #304 stainless steel
  • Three bar top positions allow for joining multiple bars in a long continuous bar, or to setup a single bar flush with a wall
  • Available with integrated double-layered ice bin keeping ice water-free, or with a standard sink
  • Amazing 3d holographic lighting effect, remote control of light colors and special effects
  • Interior workspace has dimmable white LED light (DELUX-RGB only)
  • Green Product: 99.9% made of recyclable materials and low energy consumption LED lighting
  • Can be carried through doors, narrow hallways, small elevators and in most cars
  • Adjustable legs allow for full stability on uneven floors
  • Lighting system remote control support fixed inside the bar for secure storage
  • All LED lights: life expectancy of 10,000 hours, low power consumption, can run on a battery
  • Only high-end materials and electronic components used
  • Includes heavy duty black vinyl protection pouches for main frame and bar top
  • Engineered for work efficiency and comfort with optimized dimensions and positioning
  • Brushed stainless steel can be repaired and damaged parts can be replaced to extend product’s life


DELUX is Ideal For

  • Commercial applications: hotels, bars, restaurants, furniture rental companies
  • Professional applications: event professionals, mobile bar companies
  • High-end homes and condos
  • Indoor and outdoor, use in your home and bring to the pool when required


DELUX is a Must When

  • An elegant, spectacular, high-end portable bar is required
  • Storage space is limited
  • On-site and off-site transportation is involved
  • Must be carried in narrow hallways, stairs or small elevators
  • Food-rated stainless steel service area is required




  1. No lights
  2. 3d holographic LED RGB front lights with remote control and white LED interior lights

DELUX bar is the best portable bar - shown here with blue 3d holographic lights in dark lightLED remote control with support in DELUX BarDimmable Interior Bar Lights


Top Shelf (work surface)

  1. Plain shelf, no ice bin nor sink
  2. Shelf with integrated double-layered, waterfree stainless steel ice-bin (recommended for most applications)
  3. Shelf with integrated sink (water evacuation through bottom only, no faucet)

Plain Top Shelf Option, no sink nor ice binTop With Integrated Double-Layer, Waterfree Ice Bin OptionTop With Integrated Sink Option

Bottom Shelf

  1. No bottom shelf
  2. With stainless steel bottom shelf for safer storage underneath the bar


Spectacular and Elegant DELUX Portable Bar, by BEST, with blue 3d holographic lightsCustomize with your logo (price on a quotation basis, may vary between $750 and $1,500)

  1. 3d stainless steel letters
  2. Other options available





  • Bar Top (effective serving space): 46″ x 18″ (117cm x 46cm)
  • Overall Dimension – Setup: 46″W x 31″D x 44″H (117cm Width x 79cm Depth x 112cm Height)
  • Overall Dimension – Storage, not in box: 38″W x 11″D x 46″H (96cm Width x 28cm Depth x 117cm Height)
  • Packaging Dimension: 38″W x 11″D x 46″H (96cm Width x 28cm Depth x 117cm Height)
  • Total Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)



Download the Spec Sheets



Download the Promotional Flyer



BEST Portable Bars are Made in Canada


Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 14 in



Top Shelf

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